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Ceiling Light Smashes to the Floor of Wilks Home Narrowly Missing Small Child!

The lights in our home are very pretty, but inherently hazardous. They have a lovely bowl shaped glass cover that is screwed over the light bulbs with a long screw topped by a decorative knob that secures the whole thing by being twisted up through the glass bowl. The problem is that over time they somehow wiggle loose and will occasionally crash to the floor smashing into tiny shards of glass and destroying everything in their path.

Now in a perfect world I or the hunky hubby would go about our home on a monthly basis tightening the screws in these fixtures…but before you cast the first self-righteous sniff I want to see you remember to tighten your light fixtures for a few months in a row, then you can talk.

Well another one fell the other day. It is the fourth light to have smashed to its doom but this time it zipped right past my head and glanced off of Sweet Boy #2’s foot as it smashed to itsey bits on the boys bedroom floor. Very exciting. Lots of glass shards. And right at bedtime too! We only have so many of them left, the hunky hubby and I are thinking about just removing all of them and enjoying the safe and quiet beauty of bare light bulbs…. Who knows it could match the pseudo-patched hole in the living room ceiling where he fell through last month while fixing the exhaust pipe for our propane hot water heater.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • I seriously don’t know how you do it! Time to get some new light fixtures???
    And Brian feels really bad that he distracted your hubby and made him fall through the ceiling!

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