Campfire Saturday

Campfire Saturday–Junior High Winter Blast!

The Junior High Winter Blast is one of our very favorite camps!

But so many times when I talk with people about this amazing thing called camp, this crazy life God has called us to, folks want to simplify the camp experience and break it down to the bare numbers.

“How many kids chose to follow Christ?” they ask. “How many rededications and baptisms?”

As someone who has sat with teens on the day they chose not to give up, chose to trust God with something impossible, chose to open the Bible again after a dry stretch, chose to forgive, pray, change, grow, or just get up in the morning one more time . . . this hurts so much to hear.

God is at work in a myriad of ways during a weekend of camp.

His transforming power is so much more glorious than what a handful of numbers can express.

What about the weekends where we water those tender seeds, planted in the hearts of children by their parents and Sunday school teachers? What about the weeks where campers simply get the joy of being children in the forest with new friends in a place where they feel safe? What about the kids who are already Christians, already following their Lord with everything they have, but they are discouraged and tired and sad? What about that camp that brings them a moment of joy, a taste of courage, and new forever friends for the hard times when they go back home? All the work that God does here is Holy. Please, don’t forget this truth.

And that is your sneak peek at Jr. High Winter Blast for Campfire Saturday.

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