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Mother’s Day

My Boy’s get really excited about Mother’s Day. Which of course makes it twice as fun. The Hunky Hubby has encouraged this frenzy of goodwill and at the appointed day they jet into action, rampaging through the house in a flurry of good deeds. Cards and pictures are colored, a menu is prepared, fruit is sliced, fierce arguments occur over the sprinkling of cinnamon, and of course there is even a guard assigned to make sure that I do not arise from bed before the allotted time. Then they burst through the bedroom door bearing plates of food and the whole lot of them snuggle up next to my pillow to eat. So the pillow cases get smeared with cinnamon roll and maybe The Hunky Hubby might find the odd piece of fruit on the sheets, but their bright eyes and proudly held heads are worth every crumb. Do I feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day, absolutely. And I also have the fun of hearing them smash and crash around the kitchen, pestering the Hunky Hubby with endless inquiries and strange recipe suggestions. Priceless, truly priceless.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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