Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I read Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy and Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover both by Ally Carter ON MY NOOK! Ah the glorious bliss of it. And then when I finished these excellent books I took my Nook over to the one corner in our house where it can connect to the Internet and I sent them to my lovely sister where they will reside in her Nook for 14 days before zipping back home to me.

What did I learn from my reading this week? Besides the fact that browsing the e-books on the B & N website is just about as addictive as 67% dark chocolate and fruit scented bath time sprays. I learned that the best-of-lists for teen fiction that I have been reading off of are so chocked full of YA Fantasy that it was a glorious relief to read some good old fashioned girl spy school stuff after months and months of orphans being the chosen one and saving the world and riding dragons and winning the hand of the girl and battling toothpicks. Not that the whole talking toothpick/dragon thing wasn’t delightful at the time, I just needed a break and Ally Carter knows her stuff when it comes to a fast fun read for girls. Go Ally!


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