Why did the chicken cross the road?

The machinations of poultry are difficult to decipher.

After the local librarian foolishly agrees to haul a trailer full of chickens over the pass, an unexpected crash sends fifteen beloved hens scattering into the wilderness. Shelby and the exasperating Jack must locate, capture, and return the chickens to his nephew before the talent show at the boy’s new school on Monday. The problem: chickens are incredibly difficult to catch. Especially when dispersed throughout the wild. When they take refuge in a coop occupied by twenty identical hens and guarded by multiple NO TRESPASSING signs and a pair of bored mountain children who have been watching way too much TV, tensions rise and feathers fly. Can Shelby thwart an alarming collection of unlikely traps and find the chickens before they are devoured? Imagination and ingenuity go so very wrong in this epic clash of inventive child verses accidental chicken thief.

Chicken Crossing

Kristen Joy Wilks

“One of the best books I’ve ever read. I haven’t laughed so hard over a book in eons—if ever. Thank you for the pleasure and enjoyment of your fine writing.”

— Marilyn Rhoads, Cascade Contest Co-Chair and OCW President concerning Athens Ambuscade

“When a free-spirited photographer and her dog clash with a rule-obsessed park ranger, you know they’re in for trouble–but the romance that follows is an absolute delight. With Yellowstone Yondering, Kristen Joy Wilks has woven a fantastical romp through Yellowstone National Park that’s not to be missed.”

–Karen Barnett, award-winning author of the Vintage National Park Series.

“A sweet and charming story set in beautiful Yellowstone Park. Slow-burn romance, comical mishaps, and heartfelt moments made this an enjoyable read.

-Morgan L. Busse, award-winning author of the Ravenwood Saga

There is a shortage of chicken romances in this world!

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