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The Mountain Muse Writing Retreat

The first weekend in October is a fabulous time of year for a retreat. This year the Autumn leaves were glorious, the skies were a bright crisp blue, the mornings were cold, the afternoons were warm, and the nights were ablaze with stars. So I snatched up that weekend for a writer’s retreat. Mark October 5-7th down on your calendars and come early enough to have breakfast on Friday because we are going to write all day long!

The retreat will be all about getting inspired and then heading out to write. I want it to be like going through a really good chapter in a writing book, getting all filled up with ideas and then sitting down and putting them on paper right away while the passion of learning is still fresh. My plan is that each short session should provide a few inspiring examples from fabulous books, a writing exercise that gets everyone thinking, and then an assignment before everyone is set loose for several hours of writing.

So, there it is, my crazy idea.

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But whatever you do, keep on writing. And if your writing needs some nature, a little bit of nurture, and a few days of quiet to percolate, come and join us at The Mountain Muse Writer’s Retreat.