Discussion Questions for Phooey Kerflooey

  1. Marcus thinks that a puppy will solve all the problems he’s been worrying about. Have you ever thought that if you could get something new or achieve some task, all your troubles would fade away? Did that work for you?
  2. Conner pushes boundaries by nature. It is part of his personality and means that he can accomplish things that a calmer kid might not be able to, but it also causes a whole lot of trouble. Have you ever had one of the things you are good at cause trouble? Have you ever had something that you thought was a problem be a good thing sometimes?
  3. Nia loves sparkles and science! Have you ever had people give you a hard time for enjoying something that didn’t fit with who they thought you should be? How did that make you feel? What do you think Nia would say if she was there with you?
  4. Phooey Kerflooey has many fears! Some of them are sensible, like fearing attacking squirrels or chemical-filled lunchmeat. Some of them are more confusing like her fear of walking on the linoleum. Do your fears always make sense? Like Phooey, have you found ways to face your fears?
  5. Phooey feels more brave if she is holding her Dolly. Has a familiar item ever given you a boost during a hard time?
  6. Marcus feels really guilty for how Conner broke his back. Was it Marcus’s fault? Should Marcus have felt bad about it? Does something have to make sense for you to feel bad about it? Did talking this through with his dad help Marcus or make it worse?
  7. Conner thinks that they need a tough dog. How is Phooey the right dog for him, even though she isn’t very tough?
  8. Marcus thinks they need a calm dog. How is Phooey the right dog for him, even though she isn’t very calm?
  9. Marcus knows that Phooey is miserable trying to be what Conner and Marcus want her to be all the time. But he still pushes her to battle that squirrel without her Dolly. Have you ever pushed someone too hard to do a difficult task before they were ready? Has anyone ever done this to you?
  10. Marcus discovers that God can give peace, even in the middle of chaos. What is the most chaotic situation you have ever been in? Do you think God’s peace is possible, even in that kind of chaos?