Momma Day

Thursday was Sweet Boy #1’s official “Momma Day”. We skipped school and left the other boys with The Hunky Hubby and just Sweet Boy #1 and I headed into town. We went to Target where I bought him a new shirt and he spent some of his money on a snuggly shorts and shirt outfit that was shiny and silky and in every way pleasing to wear, not scratchy or itchy or decorated with annoying logos that rub on your neck. They he picked out some plastic boats for his brothers and we headed out to the Dollar Store. We wandered the isles and chose several House Fairy prizes for when their rooms are clean and then went to lunch. Normally he will choose to play at McDonald’s, but this day my eldest surprised me by wanting to go through the drive through and take our lunch to a park. We got to the park and he chose a lovely picnic table where we ate for a while before the lure of the toys ended our meal. In the past he has wanted to play with me on the toys, but my little boy is growing up. He said: “You can sit wherever you want Momma, while I play.” And off he went, climbing trees and making volcanoes out of wood chips and even sliding down the fireman’s pole. He would look up every few seconds to see if I was impressed with a particular playground feat, but other than that I mostly watched him having fun. Then we bought some peanut butter for the Hunky Hubby and a treat at Dairy Queen and headed home. I can’t believe he is 6 years old now and so grown up. But even an ancient 6-year-old still loves Momma Day.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

2 thoughts on “Momma Day

  • Liz Dewsnap

    Sounds like a perfect day! How very special.

  • Grandma Judy

    It’s a good thing you still have two more sweet boys so you don’t loose your climbing skills. I’ll bet they’ll want you to play night games with you for years to come, never fear. There is always adventure of some sort around the corner. Its look may change but the spirit of adventure will live on for you in many forms I’m sure.

    Thinking of night games, I’m hoping to make myself a new camo jumpsuit. My old one is just too bright and is easy to spot in the dark. Hope to have it done for camp this summer. Did I tell you that already? Sorry if I did. This old age thing rears its ugly head now and then.

    Love to you.

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