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We’ve had about three “practice” snow storms this month, but now finally winter has come. Eight soft fluffy inches that show no sign of melting away, plus another inch or two on top of that the next day to frost it all with icy beauty. Now we are scrambling for every mitten, looking for matches, trying to dry them out as fast as the boys get them wet. Stomping around during the pre-school-bus scuffle looking for all of the boys snow things and attempting to cram them into those little backpacks. Peeling soggy little guys out of their snow ball covered garments and applying hot strawberry milk and cookies to sledding related injuries. All three boys can sled independently now. And I feel a little nostalgic as they head out the door carrying their sleds. Winter has come, and yes, despite skidding around corners on our way down the hill to the school bus, I love winter.


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One thought on “Snowfall

  • Grandma Judy

    Me too!!!! Wish I was there to play.

    Love to you.

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