Fan Art!

Fan Art for Phooey and the Fancy, Fancy Teacup (unpublished, but not unloved)

These three delightful girls helped me make my manuscript much better. Thank you!

Fiona–Age 8 says, “This is Phooey and her princess teacup” This young artist brings out Phooey’s glossy black color as well as the lovely pink and gold of her fancy cup!
Ella–Age 7 This young artist would like her work to stand on its own without comment!







Annie Elise–Age 8

This young artist has captured the determination of our doggy heroine as she seeks out the holy grail of doggy water dishes, a China teacup with beautiful flowers and a swoop of gold around the rim!






Fan Art for Dandelion Floofums





Annie Elise–Age 7

Not only does this young lady love horses, but she must have a soft spot for chickens because three different chicken characters from Dandelion Floofums show up in her amazing drawing. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Annie!