Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

Don’t read this Scruffy. It contains spoilers for the book you are just about to start reading!
This week I eagerly jumped into the newest book about my favorite Gumshoe Wizard. And what struck me was how self-aware the protagonist is…sometimes. Now our hero has just blasted apart an entire race of vampires and signed on with the Queen of Air and Darkness in order to save his daughter, and he is all torn up about it. He wonders how many other little girls were killed in the chaos that followed the destruction of the vampires, as other bad guys rushed to fill the void were the deaths that they racked up partially his fault, and how could he sign on with the bad guys, even to save his own daughter? And yet, within this shame is the knowledge that he would do it all again, if his daughter needed him. I am drawn to the character much more, knowing that he suffers and hurts over his good and bad decisions, just like a real person. Something important to remember.

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