Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I finished up the newest book in The Hunky Hubby’s favorite series. It was all very manly but so very good as well. This guy writes the best story climaxes. They go on for 100 pages or so of crazy action and plot twists and even a bit of romantic heartache.

So I learned that the story climax doesn’t have to be short. But it does have to build steadily. Once you get to that last 100 pages or so, it is nigh impossible to put the book down. He really has structured it to suck you in. I’m outlining the last 7 chapters of my story next week. Maybe I can put some of what I learned into my own book? Well see how it turns out. But his writing has absolutely accomplished its evil purpose. I’m dying for the arrival of the next book.


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