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Mega Momma Monster!!!

You know those vivid moments of sacrifice when you know full well that you are saying “No” to self and “Yes” to Christ in your life? And then those other moments, the epic personal calamities, wherein you do something so foolish that you are absolutely certain your friends and family will be snickering about the event for decades to come whenever tripping or lost glasses or playing Godzilla with six small children comes up in casual conversation. Yep, I experienced both of those events this week…only it was all rolled up into one.

The Cousins arrived yesterday for a summer of glorious play with my boys. My lovely sister and I had just settled in with books and computer to write and read as we watched them tear across the countryside in a frenzy of imaginary mayhem. Then Mr. Danger rushed up to me and pleaded that I arise and play “Mega Momma Monster” with him. Were in, I roar like Godzilla and chase them and capture them and make them do manual labor in my jail picking handfuls of grass for my den. Now, I wanted to read…but Mr. Danger is a cautious boy who gives his love only after one has proved themselves over many years of wrestling and “bean bag monster”. It has taken me a long time to win him over and so a sacrifice was in order. In a rush of goodwill I roared and lept to my feet, charging after them with wild abandon. I got all of 20 feet before my leg plunged into a hole hidden beneath the grass. I disappeared mid-roar, fell down, and lost my glasses. My lovely sister had the privilege of watching my epic blunder and sat snickering on the sidelines. After pawing about in the grass for a time, I finally came up with my glasses, meekly handed them over to my lovely sister, and continued to rampage through Tokyo with my nephews, niece, and the boys. I even caught a few of them occasionally and avoided further injury to my person or pride.

Sooooo…Do you have a personal sacrifice or epic blunder to share? Do tell.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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