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Writing News

This week was a sad sad example of how the tiniest things can cause the largest amount of rampant destruction. The tiny thing in our life this week was an itsy bitsy germ bug. A flu germ is my best guess. To sum up the work week. I would set my alarm for some early hour only to arise in the middle of the night to a horrible retching sound and the acidic aroma of vomit wafting across the room. The subsequent comforting, clothes and sheet changing, and sanitizing took a good deal of time until I realized that I had an insufficient # of hours to sleep if I wanted to be a calm kind parent in the morning. But I did write a few pages of the homemade picture book that I am making for my nephews and niece for Christmas. And I also wrote the title. THE COUSINS EXTRODANAIR vs. PRINCESS GUARGANTUAN AND THE MALEVELANT MUDSLINGING DINOSAUR TRUCK OF DOOM! So hopefully we will be germ free next week.

Breaking News

The breaking news for this week pretty much involves vomit. Some kind of fierce and unfriendly fiend of the germ world attacked our family. Again and again and… First it struck sweet boy #2 and as mentioned last week he threw up on my pillow, twice. Then it struck sweet boy #1 and he was the smart one who refused to eat a single scrap of food for a whole day so that although his stomach hurt he did not hurl. Then it struck myself. Every time I leaped out of bed to go to my boys as they wrestled through another nightmare, I would end up rushing to our toilet instead to puke. Unsavory. Then it struck the baby, sweet boy #3. I felt so bad for him, poor little thing. I couldn’t even get a sip of water down him to rinse the icky taste from his mouth. Then it hit sweet boy #2 a second time. Yes, you heard me correctly a second time! I don’t know how that works, but it seemed uncalled for. And finally as the grand finale it struck the hunky hubby last night. We have been very busy this week. Very busy indeed.


Parent Moment of the Week

Well the highlight of the week in the parent department had to be this moment. Sweet boy #1 wakes up with a nightmare and I rush to his side, only to be forced to detour to the potty for a long session of gut wrenching vomiting. I hear him crying in the background “Mama Mama, I’m falling, I need you, Come grab my hands!!!” And I can’t say anything due to the aforementioned illness. Poor boy. But he did manage to rescue himself, which I am glad of because I was worthless for about two minutes there. What a week.


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