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Have you ever thought that maybe you should do something but then put it off because everything appeared to be going alright after all? Well, one of those “going alright” things just jumped out of a bush and bludgeoned me with a blunt-edged object this week. Sweet Boy#2 likes loud music in both style and volume. And awhile back my lovely sister had charge of him and mentioned that he didn’t seem to hear her very well. We watched him and most of the time he seemed to hear us just fine, and he always heard us when you got his attention before hand, but occasionally he would be conveniently deaf. His well-child visit came around and I asked our Dr. to check my little guy’s hearing…just in case. And lo and behold the hearing in his right ear is reduced and the hearing out of his left ear barely made a showing on the graph. So yeah, it makes sense why he heard us sometimes and not others, guess it all depended on which ear was pointed at us. He sees a specialist later this month. The doctor said it could be something as simple as getting tubes put in. I’m praying its something easy and treatable. My little guy loves music so much. Just wish I’d had this checked out sooner and not presumed that he was just ignoring us. Ug!


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  • Samantha T

    I’ve gotten tubes in my ears before. (Not because of loud music though!)

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