Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

I’m still working on “Shadows of Eden” but I keep getting distracted because The Hunky Hubby and I started reading “The Hunger Games” together one chapter a night. Except after I fall asleep he often sneaks the Nook out of its hiding place and reads 3 more chapters and then I have to catch up the next day so that we can read the next chapter together that night. We are now on the second book, “Catching Fire” and he is completely hooked.

Also we are reading a page or two a night of “The Hole in Our Gospel” by the president of World Vision. In Isaiah we are commanded to “spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed” that is fasting or worship that God considers worthy. But I’m not sure what that looks like for The Hunky Hubby and I. We sponsor a child and several other ministries each month…but I don’t feel that I am spending myself. I don’t think it is just giving money. My heart is required. My time, my heart, my finances, I want to spend myself and don’t know how. But I’m praying about it and letting that wall of glass that we slide in front of our hearts when we see the poor, the oppressed, letting that glass slide away and letting my heart be real and open for pain. So reading this book is a part of that. We are praying and educating ourselves about the oppressed in our world and letting our eyes see.

It has it’s costs. In church they showed a 20 second film for Operation Christmas Child. Babies in Haiti, crying in rubble, boys waiting for a doctor with earthquake dust covering their wounds, boys just like mine… I burst into tears, racked with silent sobs. The Kristen of before would have held it together. The glass was in place, her heart was safe. I am no longer safe from them, but still…I’d recommend the book. Both “The hole in our Gospel” and Isaiah 58:6-11.
Difficult reading, but honest.


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