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Reading Day

Ah, Reading Day. Two of my favorite words in all of the world. In my 8+ years of marriage I have learned one valuable lesson. “Don’t wine, negotiate.” Now the hunky hubby spent three days at a friends house supporting him as he was ordained as an army chaplain…and playing board games the entire time. This was closely followed by “scenario paintball” cough cough…did I say the word L.A.R.P. no no not me. And Camas Con, the board game camp. Did I wine, no. Did I fuss, no. Did I throw poison darts at a photo of the hunky hubby and call him incessantly to tell him of every lonely moment during my day and every chore that I rushed through while being chased by three rabid children… I plead the 5th.

But one thing that I did for sure was negotiate. And I must admit, the hunky hubby was happy to oblige. He will be watching the boys during a writer’s conference in a few weeks. But even more glorious was my reading day. An entire day. He even made the boys breakfast.

I got up, got dressed, and left the house. And I didn’t return until all three of them were in bed. First I went to Office Depot and skipped about the isles doing writerly things at my own leisure. Then I went to “Jeepers it’s Bagles” a lovely little bagel shop that is in a building shaped like a castle. I ordered a mocha, a bagel with marrionbarry cream cheese and I went up the steep little stairs to a table all by myself and I read. I read my book for 3 straight hours and I finished it and started another. Then I ordered an oriental salad, a bagel with garlic and chive cream cheese, and an Italian soda and I marched up those steep little chairs to my little table, sat down and I read. For 5 straight hours! It was marvelous!!!

I did stop to write a few poems and one idea on my note pad. But it was a lot of reading. Then, since they were vacuuming and had locked the door, I went to safeway and got some bread and soup and ate dinner at a little round table outside and read my book yet again!

Ahhh sweet reading day. You are bliss personified. Then I went home and kissed my boys and sang them songs and watched “Pride and Predjucide” with the Hunky Hubby. Truly a glorious day. Although by the time it was over, I missed my boys so fiercely I nearly broke the speed limit in my haste to return home to them. Motherhood is such a funny thing is it not?


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3 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • mamagriffith

    yes definatly, I dont whine…to greg…I simply save up. Its worth it because instead of felling grumpy or guilty, I feel great and get time off…cough cough..writers conferance. The only thing is the exchange rate is rather slim. three weeks down to three days. :O)

  • Grandma Judy

    It sounds glorious. I would probably have had a headache supreme by the end of the day though. I choose to do 2 of my favorite recreational things at once – listening to a book and sewing at the same time. Hopefully that doesn’t count as double time if others are keeping
    track =o) Actually, I listen to books while cooking, doing laundry, cleaning house, doing dishes, etc. Works pretty well to keep my attitude on the good side. I know that Moms with little ones can’t do that but at this “old lady” stage of life it works great.

    Love to you.

  • Oh, now I’m super jealous! But somehow I always feel guilty for leaving the house for so long…

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