Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

Due to the Gargantuan length of last weeks writing exercise, and this infraction was not simply committed by myself but my lovely sister-in-law as well, we are doing a three part assignment for, you guessed it, the next three weeks. This week I get to pick. And so for the beginning of our story I choose: send the character on a quest. Now who knows what the sister-in-law will choose to do with them in the middle but for now they are questing. See the lovely sister-in-laws version right here. And since my boys are always wanting stories about themselves told, I thought I would write another and then they would have something fresh to hear. So here goes.

The Quest

Once upon a time there were three brothers. The eldest had brown hair and always came up with marvelous ideas. The middle one had blond hair and was uncommonly fierce. And the youngest one had red hair and extremely sharp eyes. Now as is only appropriate, these three brothers also had a dog. A massive, hairy, slurpy, sloppy dog that was indeed quite fond of them all.

Now on this particular day the brothers were exercising. This involved playing 50’s music at an incredible volume and running about the house leaping too and fro wildly before collapsing and waving their legs and arms in the air with ferrell abandon. After all of this had been going on for some time, the brothers heard a grumbling coming from the closed door by the top of the stairs. Behind the door was their daddy’s office and presumably in that office was their daddy. The sounds of sad and grumpy grumbling continued and the three curious boys crept closer to the closed door. And one by one they pressed their ears against the pale wood, listening.

“My favorite hat, lost forever. And all because I dumped the tiniest bottle of salad dressing down his back. Kids don’t know what they’re doing these days. Sure, hide my hat. But you loose your license for practical jokes entirely if you can’t find it again. My favorite hat…”

A tragedy, a mystery, a quest.

One of the big kids, in a fit of rage, had buried their daddy’s favorite hat. And promptly forgotten the location. But their daddy needn’t fear. For the three brothers were on the case. And so the brown haired boy gathered up their snow clothes, the blond haired boy gathered up some tasty snacks (fishy crackers, a cucumber, and 12 pieces of strawberry sorbet gum), and the red haired boy gathered up their great hairy dog. Then the brothers set out in their sled. The oldest pulling, the middle one pushing, and the youngest one riding and organizing the snacks into small easily eaten piles. Their doggy snuffled along beside them searching searching for the faintest trace of their daddy’s much coveted hat. And thus the adventure began.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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