Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Great Wilks Family Adventure–Day 4


On day 4 we said goodbye to our very comfy cabin and Craters of the Moon and hello to a lovely six-person yurt at Herriman State Park in Idaho which is just 38 minutes outside of Yellowstone.


Goodbye lovely porch swing that is so handy for the hanging of wet towels.


We did some more driving, about two and a half hours worth and thankfully although it was quite hot, we did have our Weird Al collection to which we could sing along with.


We arrived too late in the day to drive into Yellowstone itself, but there was a fabulous hike close to our campsite where we were able to look at both the upper and lower falls of Mesa Falls.


The upper falls. Makes you feel tiny and kind of nauseated looking over these amazing falls.


So so lovely.


Then we took off on a two mile hike to the lower falls and back.


The darkest Indian Paint brush we have ever encountered was seen. Very pretty.


We made it to the lower falls where I attempted to stand close enough to the cliffs of insanity to get both myself and the lower falls in the photo…the result was the promised most horrible picture of me to have ever been taken. My sons loved it so much that they wept with horror when I tried to delete it and insisted that I include it here. I love them very very very much. So here it is, laugh away, I’ll just hide in the corner and blush while you do so. Ugh!


Oh look, here I am as a normal and decently attractive individual who is in no way forcing you to blow chunks of dinner out your nose through her unsightly but hilarious appearance. Ha!


Finally, the boys follow The Hunky Hubby down a terrifying pathway to the water where they see some kind of wild animal they dubbed the Moose/Cow and live to tell the tale despite the steepness of the drop that this trail remarkably is able to traverse. It is quite late by the time we hike out of the woods and all the restaurants are closed. Thankfully, we sate our appetites on mini mart burritos, interesting imitation pork sandwiches, and a huge bag of pepperoni sticks before falling into our bunks in the yurt for a much needed sleep.



I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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