Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

I actually got two books finished this week. One that I’d been reading for awhile and one that I blasted through in two days. I finally finished up “Ananasi Boys” by Niel Gaiman. He is an amazing writer. His characters are real, his humor makes me mark the page to read back to my husband, his prose is lovely and unique. A beautifully crafted book, for adults not children. Then after a long summer without any breaks, dum dum dum dum, the hunky hubby sent me off on a reading day! I borrowed “MockingJay” by Suzanne Collins from my lovely sister and rushed off to the coffee cabin to lounge with biscotti and a white mocha and read. So glorious, thank you hunky hubby. The final installment of “The Hunger Games” series has convinced me that the holy grail of fiction has finally been found. Readers are always looking for that perfect blend of beautiful writing and killer plot, real characters and page-turning tension, jaw dropping action and heart stopping depth. I have found it, thank you very much Suzanne Collins. Most of the time you will see depth of theme, beautiful prose, and realistic characterization in literary fiction…but it tends to be boring. And one will often find killer plot, page-turning tension, and jaw dropping action in genre fiction. But it tends to lack depth and beauty. Not so with the hunger games. I love them in every way. I think the series is perfect and I couldn’t say that about anything else I’ve ever read. I’m not saying they are my favorite books, just that they are absolutely perfect. Thank you again MommaGriffith for discovering them and buying them all and loaning them to me. Did I mention how much I love to read? Glorious, truly glorious.


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