Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I redeemed the coupon that The Hunky Hubby gave me at Christmas time. What was this coupon for you might ask? The best of gifts, the coupon was for a reading day! And entire day all to myself to simply read (and eat bagels at the bagel shop). And so I bought A long long sleep by Anna Sheehan and headed off to “Jeepers It’s Bagels” where I drank coffee and ate bagels and worked on writing and read read read until it was time to pick up my boy from school. And then I handed my sweet children over to the Hunky Hubby and curled up in the fireside lodge over at camp with a blanky and dinner snacks and read some more!

And I finished the entire book that day and it was wonderful. A kind of post apocalyptic retelling of the Sleeping Beauty legend. With the creepiest badguy I have seen in a long time and a strange intriguing love story.

Then later in the week I re-read The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. I love these books, love the way they are so smooth and fast and fun that they almost read themselves. It takes a lot of work to write like that, something I aspire to. And so besides being fun…I’m sure it is educational.

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