Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

Alright…I did read Key Lime Pie Murder, and Cherry Cheesecake Murder, but I also made myself finish Halo by Alexandra Adornetto and I’m glad that I did. Things really picked up once the bad guy came on the scene. He was a demon highschooler with a snake tattoo on his neck and a dark charisma. But I was quite disappointed in the angels reaction to him. The demon figured out instantly that the girl was an angel and proceeded to hit on her shamelessly. But the girl and even her brother Gabriel the archangel couldn’t quite tell if the boy was a demon or not. Gabriel refused to confront him until he went to a heavenly board meeting to discuss it and finally when there was an awesome no holds barred angel and demon face-off…Gabriel couldn’t quite win until our angel and her human boyfriend kissed, sending a wash of positive energy over the room and urging him on toward victory.

Somewhat cheesy. But when I picked up the book I was totally willing to jump into the world of this improbable plot. I remember thinking:”Make it work and I’ll go there with you.” But how does one make an improbable plot work…by making it real in the minor details. I remember reading a book wherein the protagonist was attacked by weregoats. Yes, the three billy goats gruff beat the crap out of our hero and he was trembling in fear of meeting the oldest goat in battle. How on earth did this ridiculous plot make it? Because it was real in the details. When first assaulted by a weregoat the protagonist’s reaction was to laugh and laugh and laugh. Until he got creamed. And when the last goat was too powerful, he tricked his way to safety by asking for a doughnut. But again, the reality comes in the details, not just any doughnut. A Chicago cake doughnut with white frosting and sprinkles, un-filled. If the little details of the angel story had lined up, like how torn about her mission she was and the distraction that this boy was causing, and the betrayal of God she was exhibiting, then I could have believed her character. If the angels had been just as powerful and cool as the demon, I mean they are exactly the same thing just working for opposite sides, I could have believed it.

But then I found out that the author is an 18-year-old girl from Australia. I don’t want her reading and critiquing anything I wrote when I was 18. Especially since she came up with a great idea and a really good book. And really the way the world and love was portrayed makes sense from a teen perspective, I understand a bit more now. I still wish I had seen the details that would have allowed me to jump into the story wholeheartedly, but man, 18 years old with a new york times best selling novel. I must salute her abilities and let the matter go.

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