Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I read Being Nikki by Meg Cabot. It’s the second book in that series about the girl whose brain was transplanted into the body of a supermodel. This time she is beginning to fear that a terrible mystery is involved in her death and subsequent resurrection as someone else. And sets out to find the truth. This was another fun fast book. Great characters, good action, and all the fun of a computer nerd attempting to fit into the cutthroat world of high fashion. What did I learn from reading this week? That humor has to be just right to sing. There were a couple of lines that actually made me laugh out loud. But it wasn’t just what she was saying, but how the character stated it exactly right that made it funny. I had to read them out loud to The Hunky Hubby, who totally appreciated the interruption I can tell you. So here are some funny parts, just because I love you…and The Hunky Hubby wasn’t quite as delighted with these excerpts as I know you will be…right?

“Great. Just great! It was perfectly obvious now what was going on. My death, as had the deaths of so many tragic heroines before me, had caused another one…the death of Christopher, only just on the inside. His heart had died, and created where fun, joyful Christopher used to be…an evil supervillain…Christopher stepped forward and, in a smooth motion, wrapped Justin in a headlock. It was a startling development that caused Frida’s jaw to drop. I have to admit, I was shocked myself. Christopher had never been the most physical of guys back in his pre-supervillain days. But now I suppose he had the forces of evil propelling him.”


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