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I am not a gardener. I am not a quilter. I am not a constructor of beautifully hand-torn greeting cards.

Gardening is hard work. So is quilting and artfully tearing the paper for a greeting card so that it looks fun and lighthearted while still remaining the proper size for your finished product. Writing is also hard work but there is one big difference. I like it. I do not like any of these other creative endeavors. But despite my reluctance I found myself gardening this week. Sort of.

Sweet boy #1 has become greatly enamored with seeds. He told me that his favorite movie is “Planet Earth” by Moody Bible Institute and his favorite part of that movie is where they show seed pods Exploding in the summer sun and play loud classical music in the background. And thus as a mom another sacrifice is in order. I will garden. But not too much.

The boys, the hunky hubby, and I made three small gardens for our industrious agricultural enthusiasts this week. We planted carrots. So…a gardener of minuscule proportions…I suppose. But only for my boys. Because for them, most anything is possible…in small quantities.

Three little carrot patches
Three little carrot patches


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3 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • and I’m assuming the tires are an attempt at preventing doggie interference with said gardens??? 🙂

  • Actually, our soil has such a high clay content that carrots won’t grow in it. But carrots are one of the only veggies that can handle our super short growing season. So I got a bag of potting soil and put it in the tires to make three tiny gardens with fake dirt that our carrots can handle. Although I suppose that they might keep doggies out as well.

  • Grandma Judy

    Thanks for the picture. Think how great they will look with carrot tops spilling out of them. Unless, of course, they get picked too early which very easily could happen. When ever the picking occurs, be assured that the gardens were successful because of all the pleasure your sweet boys will gain from them, whether they actually get mature carrots or pull them when they are very tiny.

    Love to you.

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