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Momma Snuggle Night

I have been doing a “Momma Movie Night” with each boy this summer wherein I awaken that boy at 3:00am and we sneak out to the bean bag couch and watch a movie and eat popcorn together and then go back to bed. It’s been marvelously fun and something that the boys talk and brag about to their brothers for days afterwards. This week it was finally my youngest boy’s turn. He is 3 1/2. I carried him out of his bed, snore snore snore, and set him down on the bean bag couch, snore snore snore, and tried to get him to pick his movie, snore snore snore, and tried to feed him a bite of homemade caramel corn, snore snore snore, but he did finally wake up enough to take a big drink of Gatorade before asking if we could just snuggle on the couch together instead. So we snuggled and fell back to sleep in the bean bag together. Still a success, we watched the movie and ate the caramel corn in the morning with his brothers, Momma Snuggle night made my little boy feel special, even though no one was awake. Good times.


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  • Grandma Judy

    I love it!

    Love to you.

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