Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Barefoot Hikers and Other Oddities

A spur of the moment idea sent us looking for a hike on our way home after camping.

As you can tell, everyone was greatly enthusiastic and not the tiniest bit grumpy whatsoever!

Surely, none of these idyllic children grumbled or fussed or flung their footwear into our vehicle refusing to protect their feet from the rocks and prickly plants along the way. I should note, there were enthusiastic hikers among this group. Yes, the boys all hiked barefoot, but some from the pure joy of the great outdoors smashing against the bottoms of their feet and some from a substantial dose of contrariness.

While the magnificent views were not quite enough to cheer the less-than-thrilled among our party … .

The splendid natural gooeyness of a muddy bank that slurped them down thigh deep and threatened to keep them trapped forever was!

Behold, the muddy digits of my three brave offspring!

Our good humor restored by the lovely mud, we once again set out. Princess Leia Freyja made sure that everyone was safe and sound by running to the front then running to the back, then galloping to the front, then thundering to the back … .

Of course, The Hunky Hubby is her favorite. So she spent much of her time guarding him from various forest dangers. Bears, rabid squirrels, pointy rocks, the terrifying clutches of a variety of flowering plants … .

Although they are incredibly fast hikers, even barefoot, my three young men did condescend to pause for a photo before jetting off into the wilderness in search of an alpine lake their dad was pretty sure existed somewhere up ahead-ish. 

The lake did indeed exist!

Decision time.

Sit and gaze at the amazing natural beauty … or plunge into the frigid waters?

Dad led the way!

Then Boy#3

Boy #1

And Boy #2

OK, so the jumping pictures weren’t  all completely focused. But every one of the splashes turned out beautifully!

Smiling faces. At this point, no one would have guessed that this adventure began as a forced march.

Princess Leia was vastly relieved that Dad survived the plunge. She rushed across the logs to give him an invigorating slurp! Sometimes, when all we see are the beautiful photos, I think we forget that everyone else’s life is lived out between glorious moments of beauty and all those random tantrums and sulks. This was such a lovely hike, full of real life arguing and grumping, recovery, mud, joy, and splendid splashes. A gift from God to be certain, even the difficult bits.

May the Lord bless you with just such a day!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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