Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

I call for a vote to decide some vital thing … probably what to make for dinner or weather to stop at the river for a swim. The vote is divided and so I state: “I guess Mom is the tie-breaker.”

Sweet Boy#2–Responds immediately with–“You mean the Tyrant?”

Ha ha ha!


I am sick after getting food poisoning at the fair. As I sit battling nausea, Sweet Boy#1 sneaks up behind me with a water balloon. I’m not sure if this was an attack or an accident, but somehow the thing pops and drenches both me and the comfiest chair in the house … the one that I intended to curl up in, hiding under a blanket until my food poisoning woes had um … passed. There may have been less-than-idyllic maternal glances and stern words directed toward my oldest son … just possibly.


Sweet Boy #2–Who wants his hair to be long and luxurious, also does not like to brush it. We explained that in order for him to have it long, he must also wash and groom … regularly. We find a compromise. He is happy to brush his hair … as long as I let him use the dog’s brush!


Despite our firmly held family rule of “no food in the bedrooms,” Sweet Boy#2 unearths something interesting from beneath the many blankets and stuffed animals upon his bunk. An old pot. Inside this pot … is a fair amount of macaroni and cheese … covered in a fair amount of mold. Sadly, I’d thought that he simply needed to be forced into the shower more often and of course I bought him more deodorant. Yep, all mothers should take note! If your son smells strange, there is a chance it is simply an old pot of macaroni hidden under the rubble on his bed.

(Ugh! I tried to put a picture in this blog for your amusement, but something is on the fritz. So sorry!)


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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