Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Vacation/Adventure Part II, Hiking

On our drive home, after camping at the ocean, we stopped at Franklin Falls for a short (only 2 miles roundtrip) but beautiful hike. Theo of course wanted to read in the car. Since Princess Leia Freyja had an injured shoulder (seagull chasing) and is apt to bark at all manner of things, we allowed Theo to stay to babysit our furry princess.

Not content to hike along the trail, Judah rock hopped barefoot along the creek.

Brennan stuck with Epona and I on the trail, which was lovely in its own right winding through some gorgeous country.

Scruff joined Judah along the creek, but he did more scrambling than hopping. He also dropped his phone and had to go back and hunt for it. To be fair, Judah is pretty much a mountain goat and he runs along the rocks with baffling proficiency!

They also crossed the creek on fallen logs.

Some more easily than others. Seriously though, I was holding my breath waiting to see if Scruff would fall while pretending to fall for the camera.

We saw some gorgeous old trees along the trail.

Plus, several smaller falls as we approached the main waterfall.

Here, Scruff and Brennan are balancing on logs.

Finally, we made it to Franklin Falls!

Yes, Judah the mountain goat literally ran up this rocky cliff as though it were part of a cross country race course. I closed my eyes lest I witness his demise. Thankfully, all turned out well and I was able to enjoy his baffled expression as I explained why I was wildly waving for him to return.

And the tradition: making CMBC (camas meadows Bible camp) instead of YMCA. Since Theo was in the car with Princess Leia Freyja, Epona kindly agreed to step in. There you have it, the hike to Franklin Falls. Since it is so short and yet takes you through such beautiful country, this is a great hike if you are just discovering the joys of the trail. Or, like us, if you simply need a good place to stop and stretch your legs on the drive home over Snoqualmie Pass.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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