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Mattress Sledding and “Watching the Obituaries!”

Mattress Sledding with the boys friends!

from February 2019 but posted originally on 4-4-2019

Sweet Boy#3–“Let’s watch the Obituaries!”–As he is looking at the two discs full of appendices that are included with each box set of Lord of the Rings Extended Version movies.

When Scruff is gone, I pull out the fabled LOTR marathon as my one “fun parent” option.

Sweet Boy#2–“This is a very powerful pancake. It leaves you out of breath. It’s an all-out war of flavors in my mouth!” I tasted these pancakes and I fully concur. He made them using his own unique recipe (normal batter improved with: mint, cardamom, cinnamon, chocolate chips, and marshmallows then poured into a pan with melted butter, sugar, and vanilla already bubbling and ready to receive this sugar-laden mixture).

We enjoy seven small meals, just like hobbits

Sweet Boy#3–Wants to go to school without a shirt. He explains his reasoning: “Mom, you don’t need to get me a shirt tomorrow. I’m getting my Math-is-Cool shirt right before lunch. So that’s only two periods without a shirt.” —Hmmm … can you guess my totally unreasonable response?

Princess Leia Freyja–Eats a mouthful of chocolate chips right out of the bag. I set them aside, wondering if there is any way to save the rest of them. But she hunts them down and snorks down the whole bag! She may be a delicate princess … but her stomach is not the delicate part!

Sweet Boy#3–When I tell him he has to go outside to run around and frolic in between Lord of the Rings movies–“Do I have to frolic?” The answer … yes, frolicking is mandatory.

We still have a good two feet or more of snow on the ground, but Sweet Boy#2 is sick of winter. The calendar claims that it is spring and so he takes two or three blankets outside and into the chicken pen. He stomps through the snow, spreads the blankets on a clean patch of heavy ice, and curls up with his book to read for an hour or two. The chickens cluck in the background and the sunlight warms his snowy nest. A happy mountain boy in the icy throes of springtime.

Kippers and toast for 2nd breakfast

Princess Leia Freyja–Awakens Scruffy from a sound sleep, leads him out into the living room to show him that Sweet Boy#1 and his dish-washing-buddy are sleeping on the couch in her spot. She then climbs up into my chair with a huff and curls up to sleep, content that she has tattled on the interlopers.

The apples that Aragorn threw at the hobbits and pub mix

Sweet Boy#2–Although he is saddened by the death of his precious cactus, he makes lemonade of a sad situation by hiding the dried-out cactus corpse in my bed as a prank. Double fun when Scruffy sits on it instead of me!

Elven Waybread or Lembas

Princess Leia Freyja–wakes me up at 3:00 AM and takes me to her toy dresser. She whines and glances over the various items that she cannot reach due to her lack of thumbs. I hand her a toy. Happy, she curls up to sleep for the remainder of the night. Yeah … our dog isn’t a spoiled princess or anything. Why do you ask?

And that, my friends, is life at the Wilks’ House!


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