Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Rainy Day Frolics



How exactly does one help boys enjoy a rainy day?

The chickens are less than thrilled with the sudden precipitation and boys can have a similar response.

However, the dog is pleased with this soggy development. So we will take our cues from her. Step one: force everyone outside! Boys cannot enjoy the rain if they are not out in it!

The second step: be prepared for laundry and or muddy footprints. Now, these are certainly things that boys can do for themselves. But most likely, this will mean you must be prepared to force them to tidy up. Which of course, is an endeavor well worth your time in the long, long, long run. Have them wipe off their feet, do a load of wash, wipe down the doorknobs if muddy hands venture inside. But being mentally equipped for a bit of a mess is an important part of rainy day enjoyment.

There are many enjoyable solo pursuits in the outdoors on rainy days. Puddle stomping, skateboarding, locating and collecting worms, wiggling one’s toes in various consistencies of mud, bike riding, and general frolicking. But adding a brother to the mix is always entertaining.

Rainy days are always more fun if shoes are optional.

If the addition of one brother adds excitement, the addition of another should cause any activity to become both incredibly entertaining and somewhat hazardous!

Which, as mothers of boys know, is the perfect recipe for fun.

Will they fight? What a question. Of course they will fight! Make them make up. Show them how to repair a relationship. Do they need words, acts of service, or for the truly enraged, the offer of finding and capturing an amazing bug or snake to be gifted to the hurt party? Help them to do so (be sure all bugs and snakes are well cared for of course) and then shoo them outside again. They need the chance to experience the toil and joy of friendship restored, as well.

Force them into the great outdoors often enough, and they will begin to rush outside of their own free will. I actually didn’t have to make my sons do this, I just caught them having a blast and managed to snatch a few pictures. There are many days that they do try to hide indoors and then I am able to practice shooing them out, but this day they chose the adventure for themselves. Which of course, the dog knew how to do all along. Give them a chance, and your boys (and girls!) will choose adventure, too!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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