Belly Button Cheese

The boys washing Shamu, our 163lb Newfoundland. Sadly, these quotes are from when they were much older. 11, 13, and 15 … and they still involve belly button cheese!


Sweet Boy#3–“I still have cheese in my belly button.”


A friend of Sweet Boy#2 is stuck in his sleeping bag.

Sweet Boy#2–“He’s weak. Prey on the weak!” He then jumps on his buddy and then I see an “aha!” come across his face. Sweet Boy#2 kneels on his friend and folds his hands. “Pray on the weak!”


Sweet Boy#2–“What if we did school backwards and started with Calculus 2 and ended with shapes and colors?”


Mom–“Change your shirt before you go outside. You’ll be cold.”

Sweet Boy#3–“But I’m not wet.”

Mom–“The whole front of your shirt is soaked.”

Sweet Boy#3–“That’s soup, not water.” –Because going outside soaked in soup would never make you cold … .


Sweet Boy#3–Gets his bottom stuck inside our old popcorn tin which I have turned into a container for loose leaf tea.


Sweet Boy#2–Removes our Christmas tree from the stand, whacks his friend with it in an unexpected attack, and then carefully places it back into the stand.


Sweet Boy#3–“Momma! I have milk in my bellybutton!” —I am sensing a theme here … .


Mom–“Raising my voice hurts. Listen!”

Sweet Boy#1–“You’ve already razed (spells it out for me) your voice!”


Sweet Boy#3–Changes his brother’s usernames to “Poopy Head” and “Hahahahaha” so that they cannot get into their computers.


Sweet Boy#3–After we read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever together–“If you turned Leia (our 110 lb Newfoundland) into the baby Jesus in the pageant, I’m sure she would prefer the ham.”


And to finish off our Christmas adventures, the boys are enjoying some lovely candlelight at night when the candle unexpectedly explodes and sets the table on fire. They put it out quickly, but this adventure causes no small amount of horror to their mother every time all the various possibilities march through her mind, aaaaaaah!

Because I am currently unable to access any new pictures, I will leave you with this old favorite!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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