Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–It was picture day at school and I had noticed that he was making a collection of personal paintings and stapling them together. On picture day morning he panicked and wanted to make more paintings but since we had all of 10 min. to get him into his most photogenic clothes and comb his hair I told him “No”. He took the paintings he did have and hopped on the bus. When he came home–“Momma, you get your picture taken on picture day. It’s not a day to bring pictures!” Isn’t it strange how we presume that others understand exactly what we mean. Thinking about it, his interpretation actually does make sense.

Momma–“No you can’t leave your volcano cup flashing at night it will keep you awake.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I want to be kept awake!”  Uhhhhh…

Sweet Boy#3–I was reading the story of the 10 lepers and asked if he knew what lepers were. “Lepers are the kind of cat that are tigers!”

Sweet Boy#3–Talking about his shark tub toy–“It squirts out water from a volcano in its tummy!”

Sweet Boy#3–He put his hand up over his chin–“I have a hand beard.”

Sweet Boy#1–“You have a grubby face.”

Sweet Boy#3–“No I don’t. I ate dirt.”

Sweet Boy#3–Looking at Grandpa’s elk antlers–“What’s that kind of moose without the face?”

Sweet Boy#2–“Plaid is colors mixed together like stew.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Jacob, where is your wife?”  Where indeed?

Sweet Boy#3–gets up on scale–“I’m just doing mine age.”–so that’s what a scale measures.


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  • Sooo precious! I particularly like the definition of plaid…

  • Grandma Judy

    So glad to see you’re felling better, enough at least to do some blogging. I love the boy quotes!

    Love to you.

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