Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“Who would wear a coat made out of ants?”

Sweet Boy#2–I am singing goodnight to him on his bunk bed, suddenly he bursts into tears–“I was thinking about this terrible birthday where I fell and my hand went down a mole hole and I get bit by a mole and had to go to the hospital for a rabies shot!!!” This was followed by a frame-shaking storm of tears so I held him close and tried not to smile.

Sweet Boy#3–Is looking at some little pockmarks on the surface of the camp basketball court.–“The sports court has taste buds.”

Sweet Boy#3–Crawls into bed beside me and carefully places his hand on my new Memory Foam pillow. “I’m touching the memory foam so that I can have old memory dreams.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Momma, please pray that when I grow up I can get a real truck that is red and is not from the thrift store and doesn’t have anything broken on it.”–hmmm, uh…no comment.

Sweet Boy#1–Took some Camas roots and their flowers to class Friday. They are doing Native American Studies and have learned all about digging Camas Root, which the boys and I do every year. I asked him if the class liked the flowers and he said that they did. Then he mentioned–“Oh, I gave one of them to ______________(insert little girl’s name) because she was the only one from our class in the talent show. I even told her how to boil it.”  Not every performer receives flowers that have muddy roots attached to them and careful instructions on how to prepare them for consumption.


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