Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

The boys were at the dinner table discussing how many treats they could eat. The number had reached super hero portions and one of them mentioned that they would probably get fat…but this was not a negative. Sweet Boy#2 piped up with the pros of weight gain–“I could get a big belly…which is the 1st step to being a good Dad!”

Sweet Boy#3 is out on his Daddy Day and notices that ‘Ben + Francesca’ is carved in a picnic table. “Where’s the equal sign?” He asks.

Once in awhile I might get all sentimental and send a note in the Boys’ lunch. Sweet Boy#1 is always unimpressed, but the other day Sweet Boy#3 informed me that I could send a note in his lunch…if I wanted to. So I put a quick note inside after he finished packing it. I was volunteering at his school that day and happened to be walking by the cafeteria when he opened his lunch. He did not see the note. But the little boy across from him did and pointed it out. The sweet look of satisfaction on his face when he picked up the note, read it, smiled, and put it back into his lunch box was priceless. It was as though he were thinking “Yep, she loves me. I thought so all along.” What a sweetie.

Sweet Boy#2–“In the game I’m the mother monster, and I just had a litter of furry cheetah kittens with furry wings!”–Wow, imaginations set on ‘rampage’. He is so funny.




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