Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


Sweet Boy#3–“I’ve had a convenient lapse of memory.”

Sweet Boy#2–“You’re always having a convenient lapse of brains.”


Sweet Boy#2–“My favorite hairstyle is ‘Train Wreck.'”

Sweet Boy#3–Playing Lego Marvel Heroes–“Derp is a clone of iceman. Actually, I used Iceman’s genetic thingymabobs to make Derp.”–I love that the boys think in Sci-Fi.

Sweet Boy#2–Makes a cake by himself. Which was delicious, but had to cook a bit longer than normal. Why? He read the recipe as 11/4ths instead of 1 and 1/4th and you know what? He was right, they didn’t make the first one any larger than the second one, just presuming that most cake bakers would know. Since my boy is great at math, breaking down 11/4ths didn’t even phase him. In the end the cake was very tasty, regardless.

Sweet Boy#3–“Diseases and Mosquitoes are both three syllables.” Yes, my dear, yes they are.

Sweet Boy#1–“(sweet boy#3) is annoying because we taught him, right (sweet boy#2)?”

Sweet Boy#2–“You should ride on our bike trail, Momma. But only at Warp Speed 2.” He knows me well. I certainly do not want to attempt their new bike trail at anything faster than Warp Speed 2!


It takes me about a month to grow out my fingernails for the Northwest Christian Writer’s Renewal and so daily tasks such as dish washing and wrestling the dog out of the car have to be done with care. The boys can’t help but notice.

Sweet Boy#1–“Why do you even try, Momma?”

Later, when I had finished enjoying my fabulously beautiful fingernails and cut them off. He gave a very teenagerish sigh and exclaimed: “Finally!”

On a final note, Children have an amazing talent to both give you sweet encouragement and keep you very very humble.

We were trying to decide what book to read together next and one of the boys suggested that we read The Wandering Wood again. This is my unpublished middle grade adventure with lots of funny puppy parts and prehistoric creatures rampaging. Even though I explain that they just heard it last year, all three boys agree that we should read it again.

I get my box of new books close to release day and am understandably excited. My sons comment … .

Sweet Boy#2–“I don’t think it counts as a real book, it’s a romance.”

Again he makes an interesting observation.

“Imagine how excited a best-selling author is when they  open their box of books!”

Yep, I’m imagining. Oh, and here are my fingernails. In case you were wanting to see if they were really as terrible as Sweet Boy#1 was implying.


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