Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Daddy Day With Sweet Boy#3

It can be difficult to find time with each of the boys. That is why we started the tradition of Momma Day and Daddy Day. Once a year, I take each of my sons out just me and them. My husband does the same. Although these adventures are often full of drama, as you will see if you read on, they are well worth the effort. So, the Hunky Hubby and Sweet Boy#3 set out on an epic journey for Daddy Day before the insanity of summer began. First stop, Walmart for a “gear bike” that fit our growing boy. Then they waited an hour in the sandwich shop while store personnel fixed something that wasn’t quite right on the bike. It was a display model. They ate sandwiches and played a board game … and finally it was time to go. Off to the park!


There are a number of fascinating bronze sculptures in this particular park and Sweet Boy#3 wanted to pose beside each one.


The problem … he was riding along and The Hunky Hubby heard a panicked voice behind him shout “Daddy!” As they zipped down the path, the handlebars were falling off his new bike!


So the Hunky Hubby got him stopped and they proceeded to hike back to the camp truck where he’d left his tools. The other problem, the camp truck does not have door handles that open from the outside (usually they just leave a window down) and for the sake of security, the Hunky Hubby had rolled up the windows. Therefore Sweet Boy#3 was required to climb through the back window from the bed of the truck and unlock the doors. The Hunky Hubby got his tools and fixed the handle bars and put the tools back and then … they were on their way!


There were some lovely bushes along the Columbia River for them to enjoy.


The only problem … The Hunky Hubby once again heard a cry for help. He looked back to see Sweet Boy#3 careening down the path as the pedal flew off his bike.


They got the pedal jammed back on, but it wouldn’t work right without (you guessed it) more tools. And so the brave explorers hiked even farther back to the camp truck. Sweet Boy#3 climbed through the back window and unlocked the truck. The Hunky Hubby got his tools and fixed the bike petal and then, they were on their way!


This time The Hunky Hubby filled his pockets with every kind of tool he imagined they might need.


Of course, with his pockets so laden with wrenches and their various kin, they had no more mechanical difficulties. I believe that Sweet Boy#3 took this portrait of his father himself. Shhhhh, don’t tell the Hunky Hubby that I’ve included it. I think he looks very handsome and incredibly determined as they set off once more to ride the 10 mile loop around the park.

There were ducks to be seen along the Columbia.


There was sand to be ridden upon and trudged through.


But they made it, all ten miles! The Hunky Hubby was very sore the next day, but Sweet Boy#3 was exultant. A whole afternoon with his Daddy and he even learned a bit about bike repair! So what about you? What is your favorite memory with your Dad or a Dad-like person who came into your life?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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