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Writing News

Well despite the fact that there was additional vomiting and some diarrhea action in our house this week, the first draft of THE COUSINS EXTRODANAIR vs. PRINCESS GUARGANTUAN AND THE MALEVELANT MUDSLINGING DINOSAUR TRUCK OF DOOM is finished. I think my nephews and niece will enjoy it, perhaps more than their parents but such is life. At least I’m not getting them a chortling stuffed creature or a toy police car that blasts out the “Bad Boys” song amid stern shouts of “Put your hands up” and “Step away from the car.” Not that we have any such atrocities gracing the toy area of our home…Grammy..cough, cough.

Breaking News

Reacting to tough family news this week. Spent a good amount of time being mad, crying, staring blankly at various walls, and calling my best friend/grammar Nazi at un-godly hours of the night. But God is good and I am waiting and hoping and trusting to see Him working even in this. Such is life, huh? Hey, didn’t I already say that?


Parent Moment of the Week

There’s a moment for each boy this week. Ok, here goes. While I was nursing the other night, just after having tucked the big boys into their bunk beds, I heard sweet boy #1 screaming that sweet boy #2 was vomiting…again. So I get him changed and into the tub and proceed to clean it all up. Sweet boy #1 leans over from the top bunk and proceeds to critique my clean job. “No no Mama. You need to spray it, don’t use a wipe…” Very helpful indeed. It was just so him. Then the whole family went to get flu shots and with a serious look in his big blue eyes, sweet boy #2 scoots over and holds my hand while I get my shot. So so so sweet! Then while crawling about, sweet boy #3 climbs onto the coffee table then up onto the couch, and then grabs a Starburst off of a lamp-stand-table-thingy, unwraps it, chews it up a little bit, and mashes it into the hairy back of our newly brushed Newfoundland dog. Aren’t they just mindbogglingly amazing?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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