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Jewelry Made With Elk Bones

Necklace made from a notebook wire, Arizona tea can, and the vertebrae of a small elk.


Sweet Boy#2—“I dumped out my backpack. I can see the air simmering.” Statement made after I discover that his backpack smelled of badly-fermented wine. Did I have a 13-year-old wino on my hands? Nope, he had simply saved his breakfast smoothie from school in his backpack for later (again) and then had the unfortunate experience of it being sat upon by a rowdy brother or friend on the bus (again.)


Sweet Boy#1—Takes a Tick Tack out of the container belonging to his brother

Sweet Boy#2—Tells Sweet Boy#1 in no uncertain terms to put the Tick Tack back!

Sweet Boy#1—Rubs the aforementioned Tick Tack near the corner of his infected eye (he had pink eye) and then starts to replace it.

Sweet Boy#2—Reacts accordingly!!!


Sweet Boy#3—After one of his brothers causes some kind of minor injury—“Ow! I’m gonna throw my guts over you and digest you!”—We had just recently watched the part of Planet Earth where the Crown of Thorns Starfish does just that to an unsuspecting sea creature.


Sweet Boy#2—“Dad used smell to knock Sweet Boy#3 over! When he smelled him, he dramatized and fell to the ground!”


Sweet Boy#2—Shakes pepper all over my writing chair so that when I stumble out to the living room to write in the morning, I get a nasty (and sneezey) surprise. Yep, this would be the downside of living at camp where the practical joke is highly valued. He also said the disturbing phrase: “Mom, does your purse smell … funny?” To which I responded by making a thorough search of my purse and discovered the pockets to be filled with still more pepper.


Sweet Boy#2—Discovers me popping bubble wrap—“Old people don’t have fun! Why are you popping these?” He then confiscates them to pop himself.


Sweet Boy#2—I hear stern shouts of, “No, Leia! Bad Girl!” From outside on the lawn. Well, our princess puppy had apparently run off with Sweet Boy#2’s new necklace and begun to chew on it. Which makes some sense since this lovely bit of jewelry was homemade using the wire from a spiral bound notebook, an old Arizona tea can, and the vertebrae of an elk that the boys discovered in the meadow after some absent-minded carnivore misplaced it. Princess Leia Freyja had the gall to chew one corner off the beloved vertebrae before Sweet Boy#2 rescued his creation!



I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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