Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“I know what I would say, I read my mind. My mind just makes up things and I read it.”

Sweet Boy#3–Playing Qwirkle–“It’s a colony of rainbow discovery!”

Daddy–“How was your day?”
Sweet Boy#2–“I fell in love with *Colby’s sister.”
Sweet Boy#1–With eye-roll–“Joshua’s sister.”
Sweet Boy#2–“Yes, Joshua’s sister. Because she’s pretty and has a hello kitty shirt on and (sweet boy#3) likes hello kitty.”
*names changed to protect the privacy of the children involved.

Talking about our upcoming trip to Colorado and the Cantaloupe Plague.
Sweet Boy#2–“Maybe we should bring our own food, because what if there’s disease on other fruits in Russia?”
Sweet Boy#2–“Colorado, I’m not going to any farm!”

Sweet Boy#3–“I’m gonna be a kitty, a yellow poison kitty!”
Sweet Boy#2–“Actually, I’m a red acid kitty.”

Two boys attempting to play an imaginary game, but one of them feels active and one of them feels rowdy.
Sweet Boy#2–“Actually I broke three of my legs.”
Sweet Boy#1–Works hard to get him all healed up–“And we were all playful again, meeeow!”

Sweet Boy#2–Has a sore throat–“I’m really active, only my neck’s not active.”

Sweet Boy#2 and Sweet Boy#3–Chase each other all over the house with spider fangs in their mouths made out of red licorice.


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