Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“I want to lay down but (sweet boy#3) is too stinky.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I’m gonna run from the poky meatballs!”

Sweet Boy#3–“No! I don’t want to wash mine hands. Cause I want to stay in stickies to show Daddy.”

Sweet Boy#3–“A pizza is stinging me owie on the tongue.”

Sweet Boy#2–“My bottom is cold, but my breath and smell are hot, that means I’m sick.”

Sweet Boy#2–“My foot is hurting. It feels like like…little particles and hurting (sweet boy#3) was crying so hard my foot started feeling like this.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Please can we get the squirrel undies down and put them on Greedy.” Greedy One is the name of a local squirrel we feed.

Momma–“Why did you take off your diaper.” Said to naked boy in living room.

Sweet Boy#3–“I need not a gassy one.”

Ahhh, I see.


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  • Grandma Judy

    I’m smiling. Thanks for the quotes. They always cheer me up, especially when it’s wet and rainy like today.

    Love to you.

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