Campfire Saturday

Campfire Saturday–Rain

It’s Campfire Saturday!



It is raining today.

Our boys are playing a board game instead of building forts for their chickens outside. The light has dimmed as a bank of soft, gray clouds hover above. Drops slide down the metal roof, pinging on the swamp cooler in our living room window. The dirt trails that crisscross the camp are mushy and slick. The foliage is heavy with moisture, drooping under the weight and boasting a rich, verdant brilliance that only comes with weeping skies.

This constant drizzle is exactly what we needed.

The wildflowers bloomed early again this year, responding to the heat and clear blue days. I saw a tiger lily yesterday, a flower usually found in July. The low meadow grasses are starting to crunch under my feet. Dust rises in a gritty cloud whenever a car approaches the camp.

I love the rain, not only because of its power upon the land and quiet beauty, but also because it reminds me to trust GodRead More


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