Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week


Lot’s of adventure this week…

The Hunky Hubby comes home from his week-long trip to Georgia and much rejoicing ensues!

One of the boys put green food coloring into the hand soap dispenser so that as everyone washed they would also dye their hands.

Princess Leia, who has never gotten up in my special red chair-and-a-half (which is in actuality my writing desk) before, stole my chair on three different occasions in the time it took me to make my lunch. We are redoing the bathtub and there isn’t a lot of space to sit down as the bathroom door and various bathroom items are stacked all about our home. I guess she figured it was high time she became a chair pirate. She even pretended to be asleep the first time (although I’d been sitting there three minutes before and called her bluff) by keeping her eyes shut and remaining perfectly still.

Leia figures out that if she chews on a gogurt wrapper she can eat a gogurt just like her boys do.

Leia somehow successfully hides her nasty rawhide bone in our bed and then waits until she has dirty paws before jumping up to retrieve it.

The winner this week…

Sweet Boy#2–Puts a juice in his pants pocket at lunch time at school. He forgets about it and then runs out to play on the playground. He is running, he falls, and splat, sticky orange juice soaks one entire leg of his pants.




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