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God seems unduly concerned with trust.
As many of you know, our family was recently gifted with a gorgeous new vehicle that allows all three of our boys to be safe in boosters. Seeing that my youngest was growing out of his car-seat and that our old car would not accommodate a third booster, I had been secretly praying about this for months. And then, SLAM! BAM! God sends this car to us via a good friend. One of those rare and amazing miracles that assures you of God’s care and His attentive eye to your plight.

And yet I have found that God is unduly concerned with trust. It is so important to Him that He never lets us get too comfortable, too blase about life, too cushioned and carefree. Our new miracle vehicle…it uses almost twice as much gas as our old one. It’s gorgeous, leather seats, spacious, powerful, a gas hog. Our boys are safe and secure in their boosters and I am really having to fight to trust. Fight that little nudge of panic at the gas station when the pump just keeps going and going and going. Fight to trust my Lord with every little bit of my day. And somehow I think He is pleased.

He is pleased to shower down free SUV’s from Heaven, and He is pleased when I come trembling before Him, our checkbook in one hand, and our bills in the other. He is pleased to hear from His child, and He will do all that is necessary to keep us close. To keep us walking together according to His ways. And so once again I must trust, but I think that’s alright. Because trust is terribly important to my Lord and I have bound myself to Him, to please Him.


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  • mamagriffith

    Yeah thats how I feel about foster parenting. I know that this might be what God wants from us even if its terribly uncomfortable and difficult….and through it good things are possible. Its those faith building moments that make us cling to Jesus.

  • Grandma Judy

    Yes, to you, Kristen and to you, Mamagriffith. I’m right there with you.

    Love to you.

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