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Sweet Boy#1 had his seventh Birthday party on Friday. Since this was his first year in public school, this was the first time he was able to invite friends from school up to his house. We had the party at camp. Ate a cake shaped like Saturn, played floor hockey, enjoyed presents and party favors. But the highlight of the afternoon was a game the boys invented themselves called “Ahhhhhhhh! It’s a Bear!!!”.

It involved all the boys madly running up the stairs screaming as our 153lb dog Shamu lumbered after them. Then they would run around the room screaming for awhile as he attempted to capture and lick them, they were pretty fast so there weren’t any slobbering fatalities. When things settled down the boys would bunker down in Eagles Loft with a firm grip on their “plane launcher guns” and beg me to take Shamu downstairs until they were ready. Then one of them would signal me and I would encourage Shamu to “Go get the boys” and after a few long-suffering eye rolls (its not the boys that are hard on him, but the stairs) he would again lumber up the staircase to be greeted by screams and an assault of tiny foam planes. Then they would run around the room screaming again and he would attempt a few more good natured licks and the whole process would repeat once more.

Several of the boys even rushed through cake so that they could run back upstairs and play some more. So fun, so simple, so very boy. A good birthday, a happy 7 year old, and a very tired dog. Success all around.


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