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I used to have a “mother journal” or a notebook that I kept in my stroller to jot down little snippets about the boys. It got wet and all the pages curled, nearly destroyed. So this week I thought I would transfer some of the entries here where moth and rust will not destroy…in theory.

8-25-2007 (I was pregnant with Sweet Boy#3 in 2007)
We are by the sandbox and the boys are chasing butterflies on Grammy’s lawn. Sweet Boy#1 is wearing his snowboots and Sweet Boy#2 his brother’s rainboots.
Stomping, chasing pretties, eyes sparkling, growing sleepy and warm in the summer sun.

The Hunky Hubby had the boys all day so that I could have a break. As I lounged on the couch reading, I heard them tromping in from an evening walk. First came Sweet Boy#1’s voice, sweet and piping, ringing up the stairs like a joyous little bell: “This day, this day, this day we took the single stroller and brother rode on the wheel!” He bounced around the living room telling me, all lit up eyes and evening flushed cheeks, barely touching the ground for the joy of it. Then Sweet Boy#2 burst through the gate eyes sparkling arms waving and hoping up and down: “Moon, moon, moon!” He stated, blue eyes fixed on my face. He had spotted the moon first. They are so precious. God, I love them so much. Be with them. Draw them to walk with you.

Both big boys wandered into our room sometime during the night. I woke to the sound of The Hunky Hubby getting Sweet Boy#2 a snack and then there was this perfect moment. Sweet Boy#2 sitting on an old steamer trunk by the window, looking out into the early morning light munching on Chex cereal from a mug. Sweet Boy#1 snuggled up to the Hunky Hubby in bed. Sweet Boy#3 sleeping in the play pen beside our bed. The Hunky Hubby fell back to sleep and I lay snuggled in bed reading an O’Malley book. For about 10 minutes it was absolutely perfect. Thank you God for perfect moments, no matter how brief.

The Hunky Hubby gave me a few hours to read today. Sweet Boy#3 lay asleep in our room and I sat reading on the love seat, drinking green tea in the quiet afternoon sunlight. I got up for a third cup and saw them out the kitchen window. The Hunky Hubby leaning one hip against the pine in the front yard that holds up the clothes line. Sweet Boy#1 yanking his big red wagon around in the chunks of icy snow and newly thawed pine needles. Sweet Boy#2 lurching towards the Hunky Hubby in full snow dress to smash a little snowball against his leg. The Hunky Hubby put his hat on Sweet Boy#2 and I was so grateful for him. So in love with him. He is such a good dad.

The Boys and I were listening and dancing to “Bob and Larry Sing the 70s” and cleaning up the living room so that we could all watch “Planet Earth”. I was crawling around on the carpet with a whisk broom and dust pan getting snack crumbs and Sweet Boy#3 crawling after me like a little shark trying to chew on the dust pan. Good times.


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  • mamagriffith

    ah those little moments are SO pracious. Yesterday Mr. Steel was hopping around the room telling a story about tsunamis destroying the world….it was very like his cousin and it made me smile.

  • Grandpa recorded the news shows about the Tsunami so that the boys could come down and watch. They were very impressed, and just a little bit worried.

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