I had been praying for wisdom about sweet boy #2 and his desire to become God’s boy right after sweet boy #1 prayed the sinner’s prayer. Was the desire genuine? He is only 3 and a half after all. Is peer pressure a good reason for salvation? After a week or so the Lord answered my queries. Sweet boy #2 wouldn’t pray on his own. He wanted me to do it. I had peace that on the day the he was willing to pray after me and say the words himself, that his heart would be ready to belong to God.

A few days after this epiphany sweet boy #2 had a nightmare. As is customary he crept over to our bed and wriggled his way inside. I was just falling back to sleep when I felt a nudge against my shoulder. “Momma?” poke poke poke. “Momma, we forgot to pray. I want to be God’s boy.”

I asked if he was ready to pray himself.

Yes he was.

And so my sweet little 3 year old prayed the whole sinner’s prayer toddler style. And I know that he meant it. I remember the serious look on his face when he told me that he was not ready to pray on his own. And how he listened intently when I told him that when his heart was truly ready he would be able to do it. That moment came and he didn’t hesitate. Now he prays every night and every night when I ask him what he wants to thank God for he has answered either. “For being God’s Boy.” or “That Daddy is God’s boy.”

Glory indeed.


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  • Grandma Judy

    GLORY! GLORY! GLORY! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Isn’t God AMAZING!

    Love to you.

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