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Sweet Boy #1 got his training wheels off this week! He didn’t want them off, has been fighting it. But I have seen him with my own two eyes ride his cousins bike without training wheels a little. So I didn’t cave. I told him that he would have the month of April to practice and that on May 1st they were coming off. He fought a little more when the month was coming to a close, but when he saw that I wouldn’t give in he told me: “It’s going to be okay Momma.”

And then the strangest thing happened. He had two more days to practice and all of a sudden he just decided that he was done. He asked the hunky hubby to take the training wheels off that day. In fact he himself used his tools and the little guy did it on his own. He wobbled a bit and crashed some, but by the next day he was zooming around the basketball court at full speed and leaning into the turns and zipping around his brothers and shouting: “I’ll be riding on the gravel in not time!” as he zipped past. The pride on his face was simply magnificent. 

I think it was the fact that I stayed firm that allowed him to take the situation into his own hands. He knew they were coming off and so he took responsibility and did that scary thing himself a few days early. And with that came a bit of control back and a lot of personal pride. He was able to grow and show himself and others that a difficult change was not only possible, but really really fun as well. I love watching him glow like this. And he will be ready to ride in time for the cousins visit this month. Yahooo!


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    whee how fun!Im so glad 🙂

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