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I attended a wedding last week. I know, you will have to pause for a moment to allow the shock to wear off. Weddings are normally the bane of my existence. But that is because the childcare is always haphazard and sub-par and I end up either chasing my 3 cyclones around the parking lot for 2 or 3 long hot hours or sitting with them in the nursery with the 2 12-year-old girls that have been kidnapped and bribed with extra wedding cake to watch the 37 small children that are crammed into the nursery.

But not this time. A trusted family friend who raised 4 children of her own and didn’t loose a single one of them to rampaging vultures, dehydration, or some other horror offered to watch my brood so that I could attend with the hunky hubby. It was amazing. We drove all the way there alone. We talked. I read. No one screamed, threw hot wheels at the driver, or needed to pee but failed to ask until 2.5 seconds before the point of no return.

The wedding was lovely. I spent a leisurely 45 min. getting ready. I looked like a girl. You know…dress, makeup, smile. The whole 9 yards. The Hunky Hubby preformed the ceremony and did smashingly. Then we ate and talked and danced. Danced! It has been so long since I danced. And yet the whole time…we missed the boys terribly. We rushed home to peek into their little beds and watch their chests rise with the slow peaceful breaths of sleep. So wonderful. A good day all around.


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  • mamagriffith

    so glad to hear it! Im so proud of you kristen.

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