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Breaking News

Little did I know when I saved blogging about my extraordinary day out with my sister for today, that there would actually be more breaking news later this week.
First, let’s talk about our day off. A day off is so very precious when you are a Mom. Mom’s don’t get to take weekends off, and even vacations will often involve a good deal of laundry, food preparation, and the disciplining of small children. But the 23rd was my lovely sister’s birthday and so our husbands gave us the day off. Twelve beautiful hours to spend however we wanted! We drank coffee and wrote, we shopped and bought cute hair thingys, we ate lunch at the bagel place, went to a yarn store, and took in a movie (Sherlock Holmes). It was a glorious day all around and I was amazed at how quickly the 12 hours past. This was the first time I’ve gotten to be with my lovely sister on her birthday, and I’m thinking that this would make a wonderful tradition.
Then, on the 28th I got back my first ever acceptance letter of something I had written. A short story of mine was accepted into an inspirational anthology! And so on Thursday I came home to make dinner for the boys and The Hunky Hubby was all dressed up. He suggested that I too should get dressed up for macaroni and cheese and so I did. Then he left our 3 wonderful boys with one of our most trusted counselors and whisked me away for a celebratory dinner at Red Robin. Then we came home and watched the TV series we’d gotten from the library together and ate dark chocolate with oranges. This has to have been one of the best Christmas Vacations of all time for me.


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  • mamagriffith

    Never have I experianced a 12 hour period go by so quickly!!! I had a great time with you!

  • Isn’t it amazing how relative time is! time goes oh so slowly when you are cleaning vomit out of the bathtub. But on your birthday break it flew like the wind. Miss

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