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We met the cousins this week and together ransacked the Portland Zoo. It was wonderful. This is the very first zoo visit where all three of my boys walked the whole time…when I wasn’t carrying them. No room for the stroller in the car you know. My youngest is only two and I forgot his harness but I improvised with a hankie tied to the back of his coat and the older boys each had a zoo buddy. They held hands with a cousin and together they rampaged in joyous abandon.

The animals were quite active and interesting and there wasn’t a crowd. The hairless moles, star-burst tarantula, and African hunting dogs were favorites. Then after two hours, we drug our exhausted brood over to the Children’s Museum where they would have happily been embalmed and left for eternity if my lovely sister and I had allowed it. Just the rubber gravel room alone would have done it, but there was also a shopping center, drama dress-up with real stage, and a water room that was to die for. And then we drove to the cousins house and got to stay over which in my boys mind was just as exciting an occasion. Fun fun fun! But not quiet. Ah well, everything worth experiencing is worth experiencing at 10x the recommended level of noise pollution allowed to band instructors, machinists, and those guys that drive dump trucks whose tires are taller than our house.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • Grandma Judy

    I get to come with you next time :0) Wahoo!

    Love to you.

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